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Finding ‘Bounty’ through Pilmico

As an IT industry veteran, Susan Pena had no prior experience in baking or the food business in general. Being a ‘suki’ of Pilmico Research and Training Bakery’s (PRTB) Spanish bread sparked a curiosity in her that led to enroll in a course at the facility. This experience gave her the confidence to take a shot at becoming a sub-dealer of Pilmico flour and start a business aptly named Baker’s Bounty.

Since May 2015, Baker’s Bounty has increased its sales from 10 sacks to over 400 sacks of Pilmico flour per month, even convincing customers to become their loyal Pilmico customers.

Today, Susan runs the business with son Miko who also got started by attending a two-day training on artisanal bread baking at PRTB.

“It was my way of familiarizing myself with my mom’s growing business. I quickly realized that bread or flour never goes out of style. I saw great potential in the business so I finally decided to quit my job and joined her at Baker’s Bounty,” he shared proudly.

Baker’s Bounty has become a trusted flour distributor to major restaurants, bakeshops, and even country clubs in the Alabang – Sta. Rosa, Laguna area, including Mama Lou’s, Luna, and Nonna’s Pizzeria.

Mother and son agree that Pilmico has been a source of unwavering support since day 1.

“You have a wonderful team in Pilmico, always willing to help and teach clients about bread, pastries, and baking. I see a bright future for our flour business and I am convinced to invest more. I’d also like to thank Chef Cynthia and Tito Rabano who have guided us along the way and provided invaluable inputs in our selling strategy. More power to you and please continue the PRTB support and more clients will patronize Pilmico,” said Susan.