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From scholar to Pilmican

“I started my Pilmico journey in 2014 as a scholar. After I graduated and earned my license as a veterinarian in 2015, it was my personal choice to join Pilmico under the Swine Farms Department. I am not obliged to work with the company, but it is the culture of Pilmico that has attracted me – the culture of creating leaders. (Read the cover story).

Pilmico encourages my professional growth. Despite being a young professional, I was given tasks and responsibilities, which some people may think as an additional burden. But for me, it became an avenue of opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and as a person. I looked at it as a way to develop and harness my decision-making skills and competence in the field of swine production and herd health management.

As I work on the genetic improvement of our stocks, it profoundly excites me to challenge my thinking and planning capacity and on how these assignments will successfully materialize. I find true love when I see cute little hogs turn to large breeders, and as the breeder animals, in turn, produce market hogs. Through these activities, it widely opened the portal of continuous learning in my chosen field. Learning that blazes my passion for swine production, and nurtures my profession with experience that I can only acquire with Pilmico.

Learning through experience with Pilmico, I think that is the most important part of growing that no monetary value can ever compensate.”

-Freniemer Dacaya, Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation Swine Section Supervisor (joined in November 2015)