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Fun, Dynamic, Agile: How Pilmico has embraced AGORA as its ‘heartland’

Let’s start by recognizing two of the most noteworthy lines we’ve heard in the recent times. First, “Go Digital or Die.” These words are so powerful that we couldn’t not notice it. From different big names all over the world, it has been emphasized that the digital revolution is here, and if we don’t digitize, we will die. Second, “We are going digital.” These words were spoken by none other than Pilmico’s President and CEO, Sabin Aboitiz.

Now, how do we set up Pilmico for a digital transformation and ensure that we will be successful? Being part of the HR Team, our goal is not just to help Pilmico GO DIGITAL, but help it to BE DIGITAL. One of the many ways we’re implementing this is to make use of AGORA – the Aboitiz Group Online Resource App.

It all started with AGORA just being an employee intranet portal, and it then eventually turned into our “heartland.” Inspired by social media, the goal was to make Pilmico AGORA’s instance interactive and as fun as possible. It thus took us on a journey of relaunching it to what we call “Engaged with AGORA,” or as we fondly call it, “Pilmico Agora 2.0,” where being mobile and social are truly alive.

This what Pilmico Agora 2.0 is now – FUN, DYNAMIC, AGILE.

With this, our challenges have become opportunities for us to make it better. AGORA aided us in bringing everyone together in a single platform, where silos were broken regardless of rank and site. Through Agora, there’s no longer a Pilmico Taguig, Tarlac, Iligan or Cebu – there is only one Pilmico. While we believe that Pilmico is known for its business, we also give credence to its heart – its CULTURE. In 2014, we launched our Culture Strengthening Programs, and one of this is our Attention-to-Attention activities. A2A as we call it, aims to boost recognition and appreciation in the workplace. These are the birthday and anniversary celebrations, employee announcements and the celebration wall, just to name a few. While these programs are continuously working, we are also faced with challenges.

The celebration wall, birthday and anniversary celebrations were recognized per site, leaving other sites out. However, with Agora, all our Partners can now easily view the celebrants, who were promoted, and who were recognized because of their certifications, degrees, and licensure exams from all sites. We can now effortlessly send greetings and wishes. Another challenge we faced was the overflowing emails received every day that contained different types of announcements, invitations and more. Agora has offered us a way to minimize this. Now, we have our own “Partner Speaks,” which serves as our “Home Feed” where anybody can post almost anything; the “People Corner,” which displays all our new hires, transfers, and promotions; the live poll, where all our Partners can anonymously express their thoughts and/or comments about Pilmico’s current events, current status in the workplace, or just random questions; the “Peaks Wall,” where our Partners can submit a photo taken with colleagues from big or small gatherings, awarding, and many more with just three clicks. We have our webcast that we call “Super Conversations with SMA,” which is now one of our ways to share to everyone the programs we are driving and the latest happenings. It has also become an e-learning channel. Finally, we have the “Partners’ Corner,” a one-stop-tab that contains programs or activities that involves our Partners, such as #iStoryangPilmico, Project ME, Agile Workplace, Task Force Teams, and many more.

More than a communication tool, AGORA has become a connection tool for all Pilmico Partners – making us more confident that people will not be lost and will stay updated with whatever is happening in the organization. AGORA does not only help us spice things up and hype up our engagement, it also ensures that whatever is seen there taps our Partners’ hearts and embraces our idea of belongingness and family. Our team can now proudly say that AGORA is the most powerful tool to make our digital culture truly impactful and make us truly believe that WE ARE ONE PILMICO.