Future agri leaders and innovators at the Pilmico Congress 2019

Pilmico held the Pilmico Congress last September 20 to 21 at Quest Hotel in Pampanga. Formerly called ‘Pilmico Jr. Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Congress’, the gathering of top students from various universities in the Philippines taking up agriculture, animal science, veterinary medicine, and engineering to connects them with industry leaders to learn best practices in the field.

For its fifth year, the Pilmico Congress has repositioned itself not only as a learning and development opportunity for scholars, but a celebration of the coming together of brilliant minds at work in pursuit of agricultural innovation.




The 40 top students from different universities across the Philippines got a glimpse of the Pilmico culture through the activities and keynote talks all rooted in the company values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility. The congress also served as a way for the students to be informed of their career options in the agriculture industry with Pilmico as their employer.


Pilmico COO, Tristan Aboitiz, wishes only the best for the congress alumni as they embark on their journey to the real world, hopefully, with Pilmico as their Partner.

In our time together, we hope to inspire, motivate, and instill in you the Aboitiz values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility, and begin what we hope to be a long-lasting partnership with all of you.

– Tristan Aboitiz, COO, Pilmico

The Pilmico Congress poses the question of ‘what’s next?’ to the soon-to-be graduates and Talent Attraction Manager of Pilmico, Ellen Jaguros emphasizes that Pilmico is a solid choice for those who are eager and ready.

“Now is the right time to join Pilmico. With the recent acquisition of Gold Coin, Pilmico is now a multinational company that continually expands. The opportunities are endless, not just in the Philippines, but in other ASEAN countries, as well,” she noted.

In the past five years, the Pilmico Congress has opened countless opportunities for its alumni both within Pilmico and Aboitiz Group, and even after their time in the company.