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General Management Development Cluster caps off first year

Marla Guevarra | October 24, 2018

With an objective to prepare our collective pool of talent for future roles in the organization, Aboitiz Group HR has established a number of Functional Development Clusters in 2017 as part of its Talent Optimization Program.

The General Management Development Cluster was launched in September 2017 under the leadership of Rafa de Mesa and Carlos Aboitiz. It is divided into two groups of high-potential Aboitiz talents — one group of VPs and AVPs and another of managers — who undergo an accelerated leadership and functional learning program that includes executive online courses, sharing sessions, stretch assignments, leadership talks, mentoring sessions, and, finally, a capstone project within a full 1-year cycle. Today, there are 36 talents from 5 SBUs across the Group currently working in various functions related to general management.

Last October 17, the General Management Development Cluster held its culminating event after a year-long learning journey: a presentation of their case as a capstone project to a panel of Aboitiz Group leaders – Erramon Aboitiz, Manuel Lozano, Emmanuel Rubio, Albert Ignacio, and Tristan Aboitiz. In this ‘Shark Tank’-type session, two of eight teams within the cluster worked with project sponsors for months and presented their cases for change and opportunity, highlighting all the concepts they learned during the year.  The top two teams selected were: Project Aboitiz Internship (AI), a proposal that aimed to develop an internship framework to attract future A-talents, and Project ACI Supply Chain Process Review, which tackled expanding Aboitiz Construction’s supply chain process. The panel of judges evaluated each project based on the group’s problem or opportunity identification, solution ideation or conceptualization, and delivery.  

Let’s congratulate the members of these teams, as follows:

Project Aboitiz Internship (AI)

  1. Annabel Gatdula, Project Management Manager, Aboitiz Power Corporation
  2. Leo Lungay, Grid Manager, Hedcor
  3. Alfie Miras, Production Planning Senior Manager, SN Aboitiz Power
  4. Alexis Revantad, Feedmill Manager, Pilmico Foods Corporation
  5. Monica Trajano, Technical Services Group Manager, AboitizLand



Project ACI Supply Chain Process Review

  1. Dinah Gabrillo, Supply Chain Management Manager, Aboitiz Construction
  2. Christine Kempeneers, Risk Manager, Aboitiz Equity Ventures
  3. Antonio Layog, Maintenance Manager, AP Renewables
  4. Cirilo Nanual, Assistant Vice President for Operations, Therma Marine
  5. Jay Navarro, Operations Manager, Lima Enerzone



Aside from the General Management Development Cluster, there are also other active Functional Development Clusters in the Aboitiz Group, such as the Finance Development Cluster with Manuel Lozano as Executive Sponsor and Tina Beloria, Marc Dy, and Judd Salas as Project Chairpersons; the HR Development Cluster with Txabi Aboitiz and Nancy Lim as Executive Sponsors and Amale Jopson and Ruby Jaucian as Project Chairpersons; the Legal Development Cluster with Mickey Colayco as Executive Sponsor and Pagan Arches-Reyes as Project Chairperson; and the Technology Development Cluster with Jojo Guingao as Executive Sponsor and Ricky Lacson as Project Chairperson.

Each cluster undergoes its own set of learning activities specifically designed for its respective functional and leadership needs. Look out for a feature on these clusters and their capstone project presentations in the Aboitiz Eyes.