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Going beyond business, creating strong partnerships

Anna Carreon | Feb. 14, 2018

Consistency, guidance, and results. These are the qualities that define Pilmico in doing business. These traits are evident in the company’s trailblazing achievements since it started manufacturing flour more than 50 years ago, and in the excellent reputation it has built through the years.


But at the center of it all is the partnership between Pilmico and its customer. A relationship that’s built on mutual trust and the promise of being Partners for Growth.

During the 2018 Pilmico Feed Sales Convention, the story of AnJ Marketing was shown to more than 100 sales managers. A story that provided great insight on what it truly means to be a partner of Pilmico.

Owned by the Tanjuakio family, AnJ Marketing is one of Pilmico’s flour and feeds dealers in Visayas. AnJ started carrying flour products in 1989 and was eventually given the opportunity to distribute feeds in 1999. The Tanjuakio couple admitted that their first few years in the feeds business was very challenging; especially since Pilmico was just a new player then. But, through the efforts of Pilmico’s territory business manager and animal production specialists, they were able to overcome the challenging business environment and eventually, grew their business further.

In 2013, at the height of Typhoon Yolanda, AnJ’s warehouse was badly hit. All of their stocks on the first floor were damaged. The family was devastated. Pilmico immediately responded and provided needed assistance to the family. In the months following Yolanda, Pilmico continued helping AnJ and focused on rebuilding their business.

Alan and Joan Tanjuakio are very grateful to Pilmico and said:

“During good and bad times, Pilmico was always there. From the Animal Production Specialists to the Executives, nagtutulungan talaga kami…We are so grateful – words cannot say how we really appreciate all the help.”



For Pilmico’s customers, it is our commitment to them that sets us apart. With high-quality products and above-par service, Pilmico ensures that our partners’ business journey is one of a kind.




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