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Hedcor to expand capacity of Bineng hydropower facilities

Maria Leene Camo | July 11, 2017

AboitizPower is set to triple the combined capacity of its Bineng hydropower plant facilities to up to 19 MW by 2019 after receiving the approval of the municipal council of La Trinidad, Benguet.

The Bineng Combined Hydropower Project, to be carried out by Hedcor, will increase the capacity of the three Bineng plants from the current 5.48 MW to 19 MW.

Hedcor and the local government unit of La Trinidad signed the Memorandum of Agreement to cover the project and the benefits for the locality on June 27.

Since its entry in Benguet in 1986, Hedcor has sustained its growth momentum. Starting from the rehabilitation of four hydroelectric power plants owned by the City of Baguio, the company later on constructed its own generation facilities in the municipalities of La Trinidad, Sablan, Tuba, Bakun, and Itogon.

“We are positive that this development will have a great impact on the municipality’s growth. The local government will play an active role in making this project a success.”

-Romeo Salda, Mayor of La Trinidad

In addition to being a reliable power supplier, Hedcor and AboitizPower are strong partners in the socio-economic development of the community.

In 2016, the La Trinidad local government unit received about PHP77 million as its barangay and municipal share from the operation of the hydropower plants. Moreover, Hedcor’s business tax, real property tax, and national wealth tax in 2016 reached PHP67 million.

The municipality of La Trinidad has also received corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects worth PHP13 million to date. These projects include farm-to-market roads, school buildings, and loans to cooperatives involved in the cut flower business.

Barangay Bineng started cut flower production in the early 1990s when they had steady access to electric power, which is needed for the greenhouses. Today, Bineng is one of the largest producers of cut flowers in Benguet.

“Since 2006, Hedcor has been very supportive of our cooperative. With the financial assistance and trainings, we were able to support our cut flower businesses and make them thrive.”

-Bernard Waknisen, Member, Lamut Multipurpose Cooperative

The combined hydropower project of Hedcor is in line with AboitizPower’s commitment to advancing business and communities. Moreover, it is a testament to the company’s continued expansion of its renewable energy portfolio.