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Hedcor revamps Bakun plant, provides more renewable power to Luzon

Hedcor’s own Ferdinand L. Singit (FLS) hydro power plant continues to re-energize Luzon as it went through another expansion this year to generate a total capacity of 6.15 MW of renewable energy.

FLS Hydro is located in the remote mountainous uplands of the Benguet province. This area has limited road networks thus a tram line also known as a skyline is the only alternative means of transporting the equipment needed for the rehabilitation.

By fortifying the existing skyline used to build FLS Hydro in 1993, the transport of equipment has been made possible. All heavy equipment needed including the multi-ton turbines were transported via the 1.8-kilometer skyline.

To bring the efficiency of the plant up, the generating units of FLS plant were upgraded to higher efficiency turbines sourced from abroad. Hedcor replaced the Francis turbines with two new Pelton vertical turbine units. The two units raised the plant’s efficiency up to 83%, significantly reducing losses for the plant. Local employees installed the electromechanical components with the assistance from foreign consultants.

With the increased plant generation to 6.15 MW, it is forecasted to increase production by more or less 9.3 million kWh per year.