Hedcor Sabangan now online, provides better future for Mt. Province

  • Sabangan hydro plant is Hedcor’s 1st Mt. Province venture, and the province’s 1st hydro plant
  • “We always believed that no project would ever be successful without community support.”--Hedcor’s RBR

Hedcor, Inc. recently inaugurated the 14-MW Sabangan hydroelectric power plant to deliver 55 gigawatts of clean and renewable energy (Cleanergy) annually to the Luzon grid.Being the first venture of Hedcor in Mt. Province, the Sabangan hydro plant is also the first hydro power system built in the said province. It harnesses power from the Chico River in Sabangan to produce Cleanergy.

Attended by the community and local officials, the inauguration of Sabangan hydro marks the fulfillment of a good partnership and commitment between Hedcor and its host communities.

“We have the full support of the local community amidst the resistance of some groups. We always believed that no project would ever be successful without community support. I would also like to think that we got their support because we also did our part in complying accordingly to the requirements and working closely with our partners in the community,” shared Rene Ronquillo, Hedcor President and Chief Operating Officer.

Focusing on building trust and support of its primary stakeholders, Hedcor had communicated transparently with the local government units, the land owners and the indigenous peoples to discuss the hydro plant project and the benefits it will give to the communities.

“Thank you for accepting us in Sabangan, hopefully other municipalities here in Mt. Province will appreciate run-of-river hydropower and be our partner in providing renewable energy to the country,” Ronquillo added.