Lloyd Manila RAFI Exemplary Employee Awardee


IAMRAFI: The Man Named ‘Manila’

Marco Paulo Trajano Deligero | February 15, 2018


This is a story of an ordinary man named Manila, who makes ordinary tasks extraordinary, which eventually led him to win the most coveted award, the RAFI Exemplary Employee Award (REEA), all for the most important people in his life — his family.


On his journey to being part of RAFI

It was in 2005, when Evelyn Nacario-Castro, the Executive Director of Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) informed Lloyd Manila about their opening for a messenger.

“The current messenger was due for retirement, so I grabbed the opportunity to apply; I submitted my application letter to the HR Manager.”

But it wasn’t easy for him.

“When I submitted my application, they told me that they already hired someone. They told me, however, that they will contact me if ever there will be an open position again. So, I accepted my fate and went back to my office.”

But on the way back, Manila received a call from Nenet Fuentes, the Finance and Administration Manager, who told him he was scheduled for an interview.

“I was shocked because I did not expect anything.”

From there, Lloyd was interviewed, took the exam, and went to the RAFI office three days later for his orientation. He officially became part of RAFI on July 25, 2005.


What made him stay

“I’ve worked with RAFI, RAFI-Microfinance and the Aboitiz Family Office (AFO) and this experience shaped me to become a better person and helped me increase my effectiveness as an employee.”

“Working with different people made me love what I do, and let me learn about lots of things. I stayed simply because I felt welcomed and appreciated. With RAFI, I can say that I am in good hands.”


Finding meaning

For Manila, to be part of RAFI is like becoming part of a family, a family that strives, learns and most importantly, a family that grows together.

“Two of the most meaningful things that I have contributed to RAFI, RAFI-Microfinance and to the Aboitiz Family Office (AFO) would be my eagerness to fulfill all my tasks and responsibilities [as an employee], two examples of which are: Extending my time in order to accomplish what has been assigned to me. And also, keeping the good relationship I have with my colleagues.”

He also believes that good deeds attract prosperity.

“I think that my hard work and being in good terms with others have always been both my luck and charm.”


On influencing others and career impact

“Receiving this award gives me a kind of power to influence others by inspiring them to be a one of a kind employee that this company needs and can rely on.”

“To be of service to the Foundation has always been a life-long dedication. This is a great milestone in my career and life. I started working here in RAFI considering myself just as a regular employee. But now, people have noticed and appreciated all my efforts, I’m very grateful for it.”


His biggest career and life motivation

Family has always been part of Lloyd’s life and has made a great impact on his career.

“Of course, my family is my main motivation and will always be.”

“They always give me the strength to do my job well. They are my reason for getting up early in the morning and starting the day with a smile. Because of them, I strive to become the kind of man and father whom they can be proud of.”

With all these blessings pouring in, Manila never forgets to include God in his ‘thank you’ list.

“And also, of course, I’ve always looked up to God, and will forever be grateful to Him for all the blessings I have received.”


On being RAFI Exemplary Employee Awardee 2017

Lloyd loves his job very much and is humbled by the recognition for his efforts.

“Being the 2017 REEA Awardee is my greatest career accomplishment. I consider this [RAFI Exemplary Employee Awardee] award as the fruit of my hard work. This is proof that all of my efforts have finally been recognized and acknowledged. And indeed, good things happen when you least expect it.”


Biggest career challenge

Confidentiality is part of Manila’s job as a messenger and to give the highest quality of security and secrecy is his biggest career challenge and career motivation.

“The biggest challenge that I have faced in my career is working with AFO. Since the papers and documents are too confidential, [so] I have to be extra careful in handling, delivering and maintaining all those entrusted information for me to keep and deliver accordingly.”

“However, this encourages me to exert more effort in my job to show my loyalty and passion to AFO. I am grateful that it turned me into a better person with good character and have extended my knowledge in the service that I could offer to them.”


On being a RAFINIAN

“Being a RAFINIAN means a lot to me. Being a RAFINIAN reminds me that I am part of a family who touches lives, people and shapes the future. A RAFINIAN composes and encourages people who strive for excellence.”

“That’s why this somehow gives me a sense of responsibility; not only to do my job right but also to become competitive enough to be part of the contributing factors in company’s success.”


Leaving his mark

To be remembered as a man of service is what matters most to Manila.

“I want to be remembered as a simple RAFINIAN man who always puts his best in everything, and stays loyal and dedicated to his work.”

“I want all people to remember me for my hard work, dedication, and humility towards others. That’s what is important to me.”


Those who matter

“I give thanks to the Lord, for giving me the opportunity to become part of the RAFI family and for always guiding me as I do my job.”

“My wife and my family, for always supporting me in every step of the way, and for inspiring me to do well at work. And most especially to my dear co-RAFINIANs who extended their support by nominating me, a million thanks to all of you! All of these wouldn’t be possible without your help and support. I am very thankful and happy and #IAMRAFI. Thank you very much.”



Story originally published via the #IAMRAFI series.