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Insights from ‘Coffee with EIA’ 2015

     My goal is to hopefully leave an enterprise that can last forever, that is why I can’t overemphasize our beliefs and our mindset in sustainability, not just about the environment, but on sustainability as a business strategy.


Team members and leaders in Taguig and Cebu gathered once again to converse with EIA over a cup of coffee. Here are some of the questions that were discussed in this year’s Coffee with the President:

Q: What is your take on senior leaders’ accountability on developing our people?
EIA: We have challenged our leaders to help us get into self-development Leaders create more leaders than followers. While at the same time, we should encourage our people to be self-driven. The leaders are going to be there to help you but at the end of the day, you have to take ownership of your development.

Q: Leveraging the Aboitiz Way in terms of driving the culture, how is the Aboitiz Way being driven in the business in terms of investments?
Our core values differentiate us from other people when it comes to going up the ladder. The Aboitiz Way is different. The success of one is the success of the other. We can’t be the only people who should benefit from the value creation of the business. It should be spread out. We get into businesses that can help the Filipino nation. We act responsibly; doing the right thing without anybody watching over us, and doing things that we can decide on our own.

Q: How do we prepare ourselves with the business expansion in the ASEAN market?
We are in a stage of robust expansion. We are trying to catch up and strengthen the organization. On top of that, we are preparing ourselves for further growth not only locally but internationally. Therefore, it is important that we understand the market.

Q: What is the rationale behind resurrecting Republic brand?
Together with our acquisition came two brands, Republic and Fortune. Both are very strong brands. Republic is more of a national brand while Fortune is more of a local brand around the Batangas area (Fortune Cement). We acquired a business with people and assets and a brand with markets, not just cement. The name is not just Republic Cement but Republic Cement and Building Materials. We would like to move up to commodity item rather than just cement.

Q: Talking about self-driven, how do you continue to be so even if you are already the President of the company?
EIA: It is very important that we stay ahead of all of the changes happening. We may be successful at what we are doing now, but that doesn’t assure us that we will be successful in the future. The job of a CEO is to be able to see what the other side of the corner looks like.

Q: Aboitiz is always open to change. What kind of presidential candidate are you likely to support?
EIA: I truly believe that the momentum the country is going through is something nobody or nothing can stop. And all of these will continue. No matter who is there, what is important is execution. What we need to have is a President who can and will execute effectively and swiftly.

Taguig Corporate Center
Date: October 6
Team Members: 104
Team Leaders:  70

Cebu Corporate Center
Date: September 30
Team Members: 74
Team Leaders: 26