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Introducing ‘AL’: The self-driven learning platform for Aboitiz team members

Xandra Galang | Feb. 15, 2018

On Feb. 14, it was not only hearts that were ignited, but the passion for continuous learning of every A-person too. As part of the Aboitiz Group Talent Optimization team’s thrust to promote a self-driven, highly blended, and continuous learning culture, a cutting-edge learning tool was launched, called #AlwaysLearning.

AL Launch 1

The #AlwaysLearning tool, powered by Edcast, aims to effectively upskill our Team Members and instill learning on-the-go through an innovative and personalized approach. It is often called the ‘Netflix of Learning’ because it makes learning content, information and knowledge management accessible anytime and anywhere using smart devices, even while you’re stuck in traffic. This transformational tool enables A-people to manage their own development and helps the organization create a strong culture of self-driven learners.

Going into the #AlwaysLearning platform is like entering a candy shop—in it, you will find articles and videos relevant to the topics you are interested in, whether it is for your current role or on subjects related to your future career. You’ll also see different channels featuring content on specific subject matters, or leaders and functional experts who you can ‘follow’ so that you can learn from them.  #AlwaysLearning also allows you to create your own content, so you can post documents, videos, guidelines, livecasts—pretty much anything you want to share to the rest of the team!

AL Launch 4

This platform, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to curate and aggregate content into one simple and easy to use interface, was introduced to the NAC-based Team Members on Valentine’s day with the help of our digital learning buddy, “AL” (short for Always Learning). The appearance of our mascot sparked the spirit of fun and excitement in social learning, encouraging active participation in conversations and promoted awareness of the #AlwaysLearning tool. AL danced on every floor and met our dear A-people, getting everyone raring to start learning and discovering the app themselves, and further strengthening their Bugsay (self-driven development) mindset.

While we in Talent Optimization are delighted to see much appreciation for AL, we are more excited to see what we can achieve together with #AlwaysLearning.  The possibilities are endless, and we’ve only just begun.

At Aboitiz, providing customized and targeted learning is a top priority to further engage and enhance the skills of team members. Introducing AL aims to jumpstart everyone’s learning initiative so they, in turn, can do their share of advancing business and communities.

AL Launch 2

AL Launch 3