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Aboitiz names first Groupwide RAP-er!

As Refer an A-Person (RAP) program goes Groupwide, Group HR has actively received referrals for various roles across the group. Mark Robles saw this as an opportunity so referred a former work colleague, Karen Joy Chua. Karen was hired in the Contracts team in AEV on Aug. 22, 2017.  Mark is the first successful Groupwide RAP program referrer.  He was recently awarded his 2000 Kudos points!

Mark Robles is the first in AEV to successfully endorse a referral under the Kudos program.
Mark Robles is the first in AEV to successfully endorse a referral under the Kudos program.


HR: What do you think of RAP?

Mark: Before the Groupwide RAP system was launched, I would just check openings when I receive weekly RAPport news. So when we had an opening for Contracts and Commercial Transactions Paralegal, I thought RAP would be an opportunity to refer my former colleagues and friends.  There are many candidates who applied for the role, but I told my former colleague, Karen about it and referred her in the RAP system.

HR: How do you find the referral process and system?

Mark: I find it relatively easy. I went to the system and someone from Corporate HR guided me in the process of referring her for that particular role. You only need to do a few clicks in order to refer.  The process value-adding as I am able to help my teammates fill the role as well as help my former colleague find a new career opportunity in the group.

Earning points is actually very encouraging.  It is nice to help the company find A-Talents and be rewarded for it.

HR: How do you intend to use the points that you earned through the RAP System?

I was surprised to see that STORM Kudos offer good perks – like tour packages!  What I am doing now is save my 2000 points and work towards getting myself a tour package. I plan to refer other friends for any available positions so I can earn more points.
Go to to access our list of openings and refer the next A-Person. To create your STORM Kudos account, register via To access the list of available rewards, go to

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