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Introducing Fit4U: A-People Engagement Month

Starting out one’s journey as an A-Person can often be quite a plunge into new things, albeit quite daunting. Fortunately for team members, Fit 4 U: A-People Engagement Month is set to launch in the beginning of October as Aboitiz gears up for a season of fun, discovery, and total wellness.

Fit 4 U is an HR-led initiative that seeks to address team members’ four basic human needs: the need to belong, the need to give back, the need to learn, and the need to provide. Over the course of one month, A-People will be immersed in activities that cater to these four needs, respectively categorized per week. Each week will serve as a taste and introduction of exciting things to come in the future as the Aboitiz Group ramps up its team member engagement efforts for a healthy, enjoyable, and memorable working environment.

“In Aboitiz, we give focus on the overall employee experience. In Talent Retention, our WHY is to give our a A-people a compelling reason to stay for the long term by addressing their four needs – the need to provide, the need to learn, the need to belong and the need to give back.”

-Txabi Aboitiz, Chief HR Officer, Aboitiz Group

Fit 4 U will be launched at the Manila corporate center in NAC Tower, with simultaneous live feed that can be accessed by ALL Aboitiz employees via AGORA. Following the Manila kickoff, Fit 4 U is expected to be rolled out in Cebu and Davao in the first quarter of 2018.

Keeping team members well in a holistic sense is at the heart of the Aboitiz sustainability mindset, which focuses on balancing the interest of People, Planet and Profit. By maintaining a healthy work culture and building professional morale through engagement, the Aboitiz Group keeps true to its promise of advancing business and communities.

Hang on tight as we embark on an engagement experience like never before. Find out how Aboitiz is #Fit4U!

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