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Know more about Balanced Energy Mix

At AboitizPower, we believe in balance. Given the energy sector’s need to provide ample, cost-effective means to power society with the least adverse effects on our planet, finding the right mix of energy sources plays a crucial part in our country’s future.

Supporting our journey to progress thus requires tackling the three priorities of the energy industry, succinctly defined by the World Energy Council as the Energy Trilemma.



AboitizPower’s portfolio of thermal and renewable energy sources – Coal, Oil, Hydro, Geothermal, and Solar – addresses all three aspects of the Trilemma. Through this balanced-mix approach to generating power, we ensure we fulfill our vital role in the country’s long-term development.

“Our strategy is Balance. We will continue to build a mix of power generation technologies that will balance the energy needs of our customers.”

-Antonio Moraza, President and COO, AboitizPower

By meeting the Philippines’ power demand with reliable, reasonably priced, and environmentally sustainable energy supply, AboitizPower greatly contributes to our promise of advancing business and communities.