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What leaders should know about the digital revolution

AE Team | April 30, 2018

A big part of the Aboitiz Group’s digital transformation blueprint is dedicated to and made up of people. For this reason, AEV Digital Management is creating a workshop for team members — in partnership with Group HR — and another for our executives through a series of executive sessions, kicking off with resource speakers from Gartner, a company with which AEV is also working with on a number of initiatives including culture strengthening.

Ewan Perrin is Executive Partner Southeast Asia while Partha Iyengar is VP and Gartner Fellow who heads the company’s CEO Research team. Both shared insights on the current global digital revolution, the future of work, and how companies are evolving to adopt a digital business mindset. They cited business-use case examples in that further elucidated key concepts and common challenges that can be daunting to leaders.





Hopefully, we can do this every month for the next 12 months and bring in experts from IT, from business, to get a better appreciation of the effect of technology and innovation that is happening across organizations.

– Jojo Guingao, Chief Digital Officer, AEV


Watch this space for more updates on this series.