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Learning the art of visual storytelling

 Aboitiz Eyes Team | July 20, 2018

36088289_200816937418222_4933610352886677504_nThe Aboitiz Group Integrated Communication Workgroup organized the Visual Storytelling Training sessions last May and June to help communication practitioners across Aboitiz business units better understand how photos can be a powerful platform to present a unified and compelling story about advancing business and communities.

The workshops were conducted by award-winning international photographer Paco Guerrero, who is also executive editor of GRID magazine. Paco’s lecture was not the usual photography lesson, which tend to dwell on the technical aspects of the trade, but instead provided participants with eye-opening aspects of what makes a captured image communicate.

The photo storytellers were asked to pick a subject or concept on which their photos, 200 to 300 shots, will focus. On the final day of the three-day training, Paco guided them on narrowing down their sets, and how to discover the story that the photos eventually tell, which will sometimes emerge distinct from what the photographer originally intended.




Each participant had their photo sets reduced to 20 shots by a fellow trainee, acting as photo editors and with the idea that a good story should be understood with even only a few photos.

Check out some of the photo sets the participants produced:


By Amy Chua


 By Anna Carreon


By Iris Camille Cruz