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The Legacy of Bobby Aboitiz

Chrisley Ann Hinayas | July 9, 2018

From the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Annual Report 2017

Roberto Eduardo “Bobby” Aboitiz touched and inspired many people’s lives in his lifetime that they could go on sharing stories about his endeavors which he did so humbly.

He was a loving husband, doting father, good brother. Outside the home, he was a friend, mentor, leader, visionary, a man for others. And he had big dreams for his hometown, Cebu.

All these qualities endeared Bobby to the people he has worked with, most especially the more than 1,000 men and women who make up the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), the Foundation he led for more than 30 years and transformed into a reputable organization in community development in the Visayas and Mindanao.



REA pix2His strong values, deep sense of passion to help others and dream of a better Cebu defined his leadership. These same traits guided him to turn what was once a small family-led foundation into the RAFI that we know now — an organization that has transformed communities by implementing programs and projects in the areas of Integrated Development, Micro-finance and Entrepreneurship, Culture and Heritage, Education, and Leadership and Citizenship.

Bobby believed that each one of us has a paddle or bugsay, that they can use to direct their destiny. With the bugsay, one can either choose to maximize his potentials and take on opportunities, or remain motionless or move in circles without any focus or direction. This is the Bugsay philosophy, the guiding light of Bobby’s leadership.

It is the same Bugsay philosophy that guides RAFI and the RAFInians in fulfilling its mission to touch more people’s lives and shape their futures. With this philosophy, Bobby encouraged RAFInians and everyone he has worked with to paddle their bugsay harder by honing their talents and skills, to never question their capabilities, and to always strive to make a difference in people’s lives.


Bobby the Cebuano

Bobby believed in the potential of Cebu. His love for Cebu has enabled RAFInians to work hard in envisioning and doing what is best for the province.

It was his dream for everyone—government, civil society, and private sector—to unite and come up with well-planned projects that will benefit Cebuanos. He believed that for Cebu to move forward, everyone should be involved in the process.


Continuing the Legacy

It has been a year since his passing, but Bobby’s presence continues to be felt by the people whose lives he has touched. He continues to be the source of inspiration among RAFInians in their pursuit to help improve people’s lives.

The journey to achieving the development he has dreamed of is still long, but with people paddling together to become partners in development and architects of change, there is so much promise for Cebu and RAFI’s partners.


Read more highlights from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation’s activities in 2017 from the company’s annual report. Click the image below to download:


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