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Leveling up digital skills via eLearning

The Aboitiz digital transformation continues with the introduction of a better way to create and administer online courses that are developed by team members themselves.

Last March 14 to 15, the pioneer batch of 25 digital learners from across the various business units participated in the first ever eLearning and Storyboard workshop that aims to equip people in design and content creation for online learning.

Take advantage of this newest training that we offer. Our goal is to scale up all our initiatives in building human capital. We can’t always stay in our comfort zone. We need to re-tool ourselves and keep up with the digital era.

-Nina Pedro, VP for Human Resources, AEV

eLearning 2

eLearning training

eLearning is enabled or supported by the use of digital tools and content, done through  the Internet, network, or standalone computer.

The participants learned how to use a new software called iSpring. The iSpring Suite is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that can be used to create great e-Learning courses with audio and video narrations, quizzes, interactions, dialog simulations, screen recordings and many more converted in the combined Flash & HTML5 format.

We teamed up with AGHR for your digital learning and development. As you know, this is related to the installation of our very own Digital Studio here in NAC Tower. Through this training, you will be taught how to design training materials and and create content faster and more efficiently.

-Jojo Guingao, FVP  for Digital Management, AEV

Since most users are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite, learning to operate iSpring doesn’t take much time. After the work on a course is completed, it can be saved as a presentation in native PPT format or exported as a SCORM package. This makes it possible to import the course into third-party LMSs.

The eLearning workshop is administered jointly by the Digital Management Team and Aboitiz Group HR. There are two more runs (one in Cebu Corporate Center) scheduled this year.