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My Life, My ABC: A day in the life of AboitizPower team member Alex Lim

Alex Lim is one of our team members from AboitizPower. She is in charge of managing and encoding valuable data into AboitizPower’s system and assisting in the administrative needs of her teammates in the company’s corporate center in Manila. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks, she would reflect on her role in one of the biggest organizations in the Philippines.

What does it mean to be part of Aboitiz? What is our place in our brand promise? For Alex, it is seeing how we power towns and cities. It is taking pride in the result of her work as part of a bigger, moving organization.

“But in this grand scheme of things, who am I, really? I am a small subset of interconnecting parts that continue to venture towards lighting more homes, forging more partnerships, and harnessing the power of our awesome planet for many more years to come. Most importantly, I am a member of a family that believes in all this as much as I do.”

-Alex Lim, Finance Database Controller, AboitizPower

When we discover our purpose and promise, the things we do come into perspective. Seeing her ABC past the walls of her office was an inspiring revelation for Alex. She is the bridge – an enabler. Her work allows others in finance and in operations to do theirs. Alex has found how she helps in advancing business and communities.

What’s your ABC?