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Love in its different forms makes Valentine’s Day special at Aboitiz

Erika Tan & Isaac Galang | March 7, 2019

While everybody believes that every day is a celebration of love, Valentine’s Day 2019 was made more special for A-People with “This Is Love”, a series of activities organized by AEV HR, which tapped A-Clubs in spreading Valentine’s fever in the office.

AEV Vday 3

The HR efforts are often overlooked but their presence is impossible to miss during Valentine’s Day. This year’s serenade from the Musik-A was so good and soothing [we kept asking for more]! Plus, the chocolates are a must for a much-needed break!

–Karen Chua, Legal Management Services

Musik-A added a special flavor to the celebration with a traditional harana for team members. And while everyone was in the mood to jam, additional surprise treats were given to our A-People.


BU Vday 3

Another A-Club celebrated Valentine’s with a twist. On February 19, Saved With Amazing Grace (SWAG) focused on “Dating & Relationships” where members enjoyed discussions on the different forms of love with fellow club members.

I think my greatest take from our session is there’s no greater love than what our Lord can give us. Also, we get to share and ask for advice from our fellow members.

–Angel Alcantara, HR Team

Across the Group, celebrating Valentine’s has always been treasured and appreciated by A-People and bringing a day full of camaraderie, relationship building, and fun in the workplace!



Love can be defined in various ways and, here in Aboitiz, Valentine’s is not just a day of romantic love for our A-People. It is also a day of showing gratitude and appreciation to our fellow team members and team leaders!