Meat processing plant inaugurated in Butuan City

A new meat processing facility was inaugurated on March 9 in Butuan City. The meat cutting facility, which is a joint project of Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corp. (Pilmico), Happy Enterprises & Resources Inc. and Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development – PCCP/USDA, is the first of its kind in the Caraga region.

The ceremony was attended by Pilmico Vice President & COO for Feeds Tristan Aboitiz, Pilmico Vice President for Feed Sales Norie Bermudez, Happy Enterprises & Resources President Engr. Victorino Balibrea, Winrock International Chief of Party Remer Lane III, as well as local representatives from the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS).

“Our aim to improve the swine industry in Caraga is now clearly coming into fruition with the opening of the meat cutting plant. This meat processing plant will provide the local backyard farmers with a market for their livestock and simultaneously give the local community access to locally grown, fresh-quality meat.”

-Tristan Aboitiz, Vice President & COO for Feeds, Pilmico

With the common goal of improving the management practices of backyard farmers in the Caraga region, Pilmico, Winrock International and Happy Enterprises transformed their current swine repopulation project into a more holistic and sustainable approach to addressing swine production challenges through the construction of the meat cutting plant.

The facility will cater to Butuanons and nearby provinces, and more importantly, give the local community access to fresh-quality meat and opportunity for local employment.