Meat producers sign up with AboitizPower

Four of the largest members of the Philippine Association of Meat Processors Inc. (PAMPI) signed power supply agreements with Aboitiz Power Corp. to support their operations and the expanding meat processing industry of the country. PAMPI and its more than 50 company-members account for more than PHP300 billion in revenues and provide jobs to more than 300,000 Filipinos.

We are proud to be partners with an industry that is basically woven into the Filipino lifestyle and an industry that employs a lot of Filipinos. We look forward to join PAMPI as they grow as an industry.

-Luis Miguel O. Aboitiz, Executive Vice President and COO for Corporate Services, AboitizPower

The four companies, Foodsphere Inc. (CDO), Virginia Food Inc., LIIP Food Processors Inc. (Century Pacific) and GenOsi (McDonalds), signed up for a combined 12 MW of capacity supply from AboitizPower retail electricity suppliers (RES) Advent Energy and Aboitiz Energy Solutions in a ceremony on Feb. 2.

We chose AboitizPower because of their cost-effective energy rates that would result in optimum savings for our company.  Being one of the most experienced and reputable energy sources was another deciding factor. They have a very responsive and technically competent team that always provides superior after-sales support,” said Jerome D. Ong, President, Foodsphere Inc.

Virginia Food Inc. President Felix Tiukinhoy pointed out that competitive rates will allow the companies to manage their costs better. Virginia Food is a meat processing company with a manufacturing facility located in Compostela, Cebu.

Because of the very competitive rate that AboitzPower offered, we are able to have predictable power cost over time. Also, we are banking on their reputation as a reliable and dependable energy company and that they will deliver on their promise.

-Felix Tiukinhoy, President, PAMPI and President, Virginia Food Inc.

The biggest advantage of AboitizPower is its diverse portfolio, which gives it the ability to respond to the needs of the customers while maintaining a competitive price.

“Our experience in both power generation and distribution gives us the capability to provide solutions to the needs of our customers. We are happy to be part of the meat processing industry and to support them as they set out for more growth in the next years,” Lacson said.

AboitizPower has one of the widest portfolio of energy sources in the country coming from its renewable power facilities – geothermal, large hydro, run-of-river hydro and solar power plants. The company also operates a number of coal power plants for baseload capacity and oil-fired power plants for reliable peaking supply.