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A new journey awaits Batch X of the Republic Cadet Engineer Development Program

For over a decade, Republic Cement has remained true to its mission of cultivating and empowering young talents through the Cadet Engineer Development Program (CEDP), with 16 young engineers belonging to the latest batch recently graduating from the program.

The CEDP is a proven track for young engineer talents looking to start their careers in the building materials industry. It features a customized development program tailored to accelerate the training of young engineers to make them ready to take on leadership positions in Republic’s operating plants in as short as one year.

Having learned from real-life experiences under the tutelage of their mentors, the new CEDP graduates have spearheaded plant wide projects that attest to their new skills and maturity on the job, which they presented before a panel of mentors and coaches last November 10. Armed with this newly acquired knowledge about the plant’s organization, people, processes and systems, they are now gearing up to further contribute to their home plant’s performance.

As they pass the baton to the next batch of cadet engineers, Batch X can now look forward to the next big step in their journey towards a successful career within the Republic Cement Group. Meanwhile, the coaches and mentors who have nurtured these talents prepare themselves to continue their vocation of building future leaders who will carry the values of Republic Cement and make its vision, of a greener and stronger republic, a reality.