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New LLDA building uses Republic’s green roofing material

Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA)’s newly-unveiled two-wing, four-storey building has the country’s first Bio Roof — an enhanced green roof system that mitigates the negative effects of urban land use. This is the latest innovative offering from RCBM, trusted leader in innovative construction. LLDA availed of RCBM’s newest innovation in line with its intention to be environmentally responsive in building its new cityscapes and building structures.

The Bio Roof, unlike container gardens where plants are grown in pots, is integrated within the building’s structure. Its vegetative layer protects the waterproofing membrane from climatic extremes, ultraviolet ray exposure and mechanical damage, and significantly increases the lifespan of the roof. The roof has many benefits including improved cooling, better energy efficiency and water management, and the conversion of idle roofs to green spaces.

Engineer Erickson De Guzman, Facilities Manager of LLDA, says that the Bio Roof has also helped them become more efficient with water conservation. “The aggregates in the Bio Roof hold the water and nutrients for the plants and reduces our watering cycle to only three times a week,” De Guzman says, referring to BioMix, the solution’s topmost layer composed of a special lightweight growing medium that enables stable anchorage of plants’ roots and provides sufficient water-holding capacity.