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New RAFI board to continue Don Ramon’s legacy

In a memorandum last May 10, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation announced a new corporate structure to fill in the vacancy left by the passing of Roberto E. Aboitiz, then president of the organization. It serves to ensure continued compliance and alignment with good governance standards in support of the foundation’s continuing commitment to its mission of Touching People, Shaping the Future.

The reorganized Board as follows:

RAFI executive committee member Mikel Aboitiz, JRA and REA’s youngest brother, has held various executive posts across the Aboitiz Group including president and chief executive officer of CitySavings from which he retired in 2014.

Marian Aboitiz, widow of REA, is a member of the RAFI Executive Committee and chairperson of the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund Executive Committee.


I am honored to be given this opportunity to lead the entire RAFI organization in paddling our oars, our bugsay, to keep the legacy of Ramon Aboitiz alive. It is a legacy of caring, sharing and serving that goes back a century ago, and which we will take further in pursuit of our mission of touching people and shaping the future.

–Jon Ramon Aboitiz, President & Chairman of the Board, RAFI


Now on its 50th year, RAFI pursues initiatives towards elevating lives through a comprehensive approach that champions best practices in community development in five focus areas— integrated development, microfinance and entrepreneurship, culture and heritage, leadership and citizenship, and education.