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New WeatherPhilippines app provides localized weather forecasts on the go

WeatherPhilippines launched a new free mobile application that provides access to accurate and localized weather forecasts anytime and anywhere from any connected Android or iOS device.

App users can simply type in and search a location to check its five-day weather forecast. These locations can also be saved, labeled, and easily shared on social media.

Inspired by a passion to help strengthen local sustainable development, WeatherPhilippines took a select group of online influencers to Anvaya Cove to discover how the app’s weather information can both optimize productivity and enhance one’s lifestyle pursuits, be it travel, fashion, or sports.

The bloggers were also introduced to WeatherPhilippines and how its ongoing installation of 1,000 automated weather stations (AWS) nationwide aims to enhance preparedness and resilience to complement the government’s efforts in mitigating weather-related disaster risks in the country.

“Creating a #WeatherWiser Nation is a different matter, because it requires us to go beyond weather and its disastrous effects. WeatherPhilippines believes that these influencers can help us achieve this vision, because they provide us with a fresh perspective on how weather really affects people from different walks of life, and they usher in a behavioral change in their communities as well,” said WeatherPhilippines Vice President and General Manager Celso Caballero.

Powered by AboitizPower, the customizable app demonstrates the foundation’s commitment to building a #WeatherWiser nation by adapting to the needs of a mobile generation. The WeatherPhilippines app is downloadable now for free on Google Play and App Store.