Social Enterprise

The Next Big Thing in Weather

Jam Salazar & Jom Baguios | March 15, 2018

Whatever the season is, weather directly affects society’s demand for certain goods and services. Many businesses operate in geographically diverse locations, and knowing weather patterns enables an organization to maximize gains and mitigate risks. Being weather-inclusive is therefore now seen as a necessity to raise financial performance.

Given this shift in the way businesses think, the Aboitiz Group is once again leading in exploring new possibilities. Thus began our exciting journey with Weather Solutions, Inc. (Weather Solutions), a weather social enterprise that is the first of its kind in the country.

The launch of Weather Solutions in 2017 stemmed from the realization of weather’s significance in business value chains. It will be our way of finding smart and workable methods of encouraging society to be weather-responsive and proactive. The social enterprise will also support the Aboitiz Group’s weather-oriented foundation, WeatherPhilippines Foundation, Inc.

“We have been established to address the weather needs and fill in information gaps of business and communities. In the coming years, Weather Solutions is looking forward to providing highly accurate weather information that will help these businesses improve their operations and decision-making processes.”

-Jojo Z. Marasigan, President, Weather Solutions

While WeatherPhilippines seeks to help people understand and appreciate weather’s impact on people’s everyday lives through its #WeatherWiser campaign, Weather Solutions will provide a platform-based suite of services that can help customers interpret weather data to reduce risk exposure, as well as develop solutions to harness business potential.


When weather means business

In the Philippines alone, better weather knowledge can prove advantageous to several big sectors. With promising prospects for the integration of technology and business, Weather Solutions stands on fertile grounds amid the country’s economic development.


To create early leverage, Weather Solutions embarked on a collaboration with the world’s largest private weather service company, Weathernews, Inc. (WNI).

Weather Solutions will be working with WNI for possible areas of collaboration, such as creation of new tools, innovative new consumer services, and providing training to meteorologists.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) COO Sabin M. Aboitiz (4th from right) and Weathernews representatives Hirokazu Koro, Yuta Seto, and Yasushi Shiga during Weather Solutions’ MOU signing with WNI. Also in photo are (from left to right): WeatherPhilippines Foundation, Inc. General Manager Dave Valeriano, Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Maribeth Marasigan, Weather Solutions President Jojo Marasigan, WeatherPhilippines President Susan Valdez, and AEV First Vice President for Digital Jojo Guingao.

Among the first functional tools Weather Solutions intends to offer will take the form of a user-driven app. The crowdsourced data will allow people to monitor geo-specific weather updates, bringing an interactive, gamified and relevant approach to wielding weather information.


Starting with our own: How SNAP operates sustainably with weather knowledge

One of the recently engaged partners of Weather Solutions is SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP). Currently, SNAP uses Weather Solutions’ real-time and forecasted data in their watershed operations.

Through the partnership, SNAP is able to quantify rainfall patterns and determine how much input will be available in the watershed and hydropower plants. Because of the readily available weather data in their hands, SNAP is able to make sound decisions concerning its operations. They can also reassess a lot of their existing processes and develop new methodologies.

In the future, SNAP is looking forward to creating digital dashboards and fully automated real-time monitoring of watershed levels, all of which will be highly dependent on meteorological inputs coming from Weather Solutions.


The future of weather and business

Weather Solutions is poised to create breakthrough platforms that will change the way organizations operate, especially around the communities they support. The change in mindset, brought about by varying weather patterns and their effects on consumption, has enabled our interaction with weather to become more dynamic.

We in Aboitiz believe that our ability to use weather-oriented technologies to aid socioeconomic development forms a crucial part of our promise of advancing business and communities. Our pioneering venture with Weather Solutions presents us with a wide and promising horizon, allowing us to jumpstart our transformation towards a more weather-resilient society grounded on strong business foresight.