Notes by EMA: The WhatsApp – Spotify Generation — Living Instantly and Unenriched


Living Instantly & Un-enriched

Enrique Aboitiz Mendieta

04 2018


Each generation should live their pieces of life as they wish. The generation before always thinks that the next generation misses out on things and has the wrong outlook. This, of course, is probably not correct. Every generation is totally entitled to be as stupid as they like and learn slowly not to be as they get older. We should not have it any other way as the stairway of life is best enjoyed by taking it step by step.

It is not for a generation to tell the next one how to live their life. They will not listen anyway and they should not as we did not and as the next will not listen either.

Vinyl records, fountain pens, and medium format photos — what do they have in common? They have in common what Spotify, ballpoint pens, and mobile phone photos have in common on the opposite side of the spectrum. The former is quality at the price of time and the latter is non-quality saving time. One is quality and the other is about quantity. A great Armand Rousseau Chambertin versus some gin tonic that is watered down by the middle of the alcoholic experience.

File photo © / Reuters

It is about miracles. Either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. We will know when we die or we will never know. We don’t know. So we have to decide and, from that decision, every other decision in life springs. Does one want to live less very enriched experiences in life or does one want to live more with less enriched experiences in life?

Take, for example, photos that are sent to you on Whats App. If they are for pure information then their purpose has been served. Now, if they are of a beautiful child, a charming smile, or of a “hot” chick, do you really want to admire the experience being shared with you when it has been taken with an iPhone and then reduced again by WhatsApp and sent to you in miniature? Does one prefer ten low-quality photos on WhatsApp or one spectacular one that feels like you are there? I am curious, how does a selfie beat the mirror?

When one receives appreciation or condolences, it is hard for me to believe that it feels the same on a handwritten note brought to life by a beautiful pen and ink than an email.

Photo from Music Industry Blog

Listening to jazz on Spotify sounds ok. However, one well-supported music system that sources sound from a Three Blind Mice vinyl record has to feel different. So if the purpose of music is to dull the silence of an empty restaurant with minimum effort then, of course, Spotify serves a purpose. Now to bring an orchestra, a piano, a trumpet or a sweet voice to life?

Do you believe in miracles or not? A lady many years ago taught me that he who does not believe in miracles is not a realist because they happen.

An Uppman Cigar that is well aged and well preserved or let’s just pick one up at the neighborhood tabac shop and smoke it dried and crackling. You do it often enough and you will lose awareness — miracle or not?

A Cheval Blanc at the right age and right temperature from a sparkling Zaalto or Australian vinegar from a tetra pak in the same plastic cup you pour water into from the dispenser in your canteen at any and all room temperatures — miracle or not?

My favourite is having been convinced by McDonald’s that their French fries are worth eating after one of the worst burgers in the world. No wonder you need a Coca-Cola to wash it down; and diet. One has to keep an open mind but this takes a lot of width.

And no, we should not tell our next generation how to live their lives because they do not listen.


However, they do watch!


The example of an enriched life might be right or it might not be worth it. Thank God it is a personal choice where we live!