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Notes by EMA: Civilization as it should be

There is a little shop in London called Sautter owned by Laurence Davis. He is an old friend of mine from whom I have been securing great Cuban cigars for a long time. In his little shop, he has four or five seats where aficionados enjoy their cigars, his company, and that of other civilized cigar smokers.

I went to see him to enjoy a cigar. There were Jews and Muslims, all joined by the joy of the leaf. Laurence mentioned he was going to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Hitler’s largest concentration camp outside of Krakow in Southern Poland.

The fellow smoker, a Muslim, said that they were getting it ready.

Someone asked, “For whom?”

The Sautter cigar shop on Mount Street in London
The Sautter cigar shop on Mount Street in London (via Google Street View)

He answered, “For us Muslims.”

The Jew beside him then jested, “This is the real problem with the Muslims, they want their own Holocaust. You are envious of ours.”

We laughed and continued to smoke, and I commented to both of them that this was civilization, when a Basque, a couple of Jews, and a couple of Muslims do not have a problem horsing around and no one gets offended.

Now, you may — and rightly so — consider the conversation a tad crude. However, setting that aside, you do get my point.

Religion today, where there are conflicts, are purely political matters and not religious. There is no need to get offended as too many do whenever their religion is criticized. Those that are sure of their belief are not shackled.