A-Park Update: Previously planted trees show signs of steady growth

A-Park trees in previous years’ planting sites have been showing signs of healthy growth, steadily contributing to carbon sequestration targets set for the program.

The examined trees were planted by Aboitiz team members during past Simultaneous Tree Planting events, which forms part of the A-Park program. Through A-Park, Aboitiz is one of the biggest private-sector partners of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ greening efforts. It is also our contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 15, which seeks to protect the Earth’s terrestrial ecosystems. Tree species provided during the tree-planting events are carefully selected to ensure high survival rates.

Other species that were previously planted under A-Park in Bulacan

Geocam_16-07-2017_092331_data Geocam_16-07-2017_092517_data Geocam_16-07-2017_092946_data Geocam_16-07-2017_094537_data Geocam_16-07-2017_104526_data Geocam_16-07-2017_104823_data Geocam_16-07-2017_104933_data Geocam_16-07-2017_105244_data Geocam_16-07-2017_110202_data Geocam_16-07-2017_110215_data Geocam_16-07-2017_110247_data 2 Geocam_16-07-2017_104731_data Geocam_16-07-2017_105032_data

Involving team members, partner landowners, and the local government in A-Park demonstrates the Aboitiz Group’s commitment to transform volunteerism to an even greater force for societal and environmental good – an essential element in its promise of advancing business and communities.