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Larry Ocampo sparks conversations at PETNET’s maiden digital town hall

Rainier A. Robledo and Nikki Robas | May 30, 2017


“I never thought we could do this, but I’m so excited that now when we have meetings, everybody in the whole organization nationwide can actually join.”

-Larry T. Ocampo, President, PETNET 

Taking advantage of the latest technologies, PETNET had its first Digital Town Hall on May 11 at the East Offices Building in Makati City. The town hall was broadcasted to more than 416 branch and field employees via live streaming in AGORA nationwide.

The Digital Town Hall was attended by more than 100 office-based employees, while other viewers from Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) tuned in from Singapore, the U.S. and the Netherlands.

The first Digital Town Hall Meeting aims to provide a new channel to communicate with employees nationwide, thus enabling team member access of important company updates. Part of the message of PETNET President Larry T. Ocampo (LTO) was the recent cascade of AEV’s new brand positioning, which is Advancing Business and Communities, or better known by its acronym, ABC. He stressed that the new brand positioning is highly significant for PETNET due to its more than 400 company-owned locations situated in different communities. He said the company is advancing those communities by providing fast and efficient service to its people.



Q: Recently, AEV implemented Open Access to Social Media to employees. What are your thoughts about this and is this something that will be implemented to PETNET as well?


LTO: A short answer is yes it will be. You know if you look at our PERA HUB Facebook page and you look at the way we’re using it as company, it really is also a business tool. I know I get a lot of messages on Facebook as well that are work related. So, as long as we’re all mature about it right? And we’re using the tools properly. I don’t see why we shouldn’t do this quickly as well for the whole organization.

Q: One of our corporate values is friendliness. How can this specific value help us strengthen our relationship with our customers?

LTO: You know that’s an unusual value but it’s real. When customers enter our branches, we want to make sure that the FLAs are friendly to them. And we always hear time and again from our customers “mabuti pa dito, hindi masungit.” And so it’s very important. In fact even when we hire FLAs and who are the new latest batch of FLAs here? Are they here? Can you raise your hand? You know all of you were hired because we thought masayahin kayong tao. And of course there are other things like your integrity and your competence. But we hired you because we thought you would be able to smile everyday….and not just to our customers but also to our fellow PETNET colleagues. It’s better to come to work and be with people whom you are friendly with.

Q: Why do you think it is important to make long-term decisions that will benefit our communities, our employees and our planet?

LTO: You know I think whenever we make decisions, it is always with the long view. It is never really going to be about just today or tomorrow. But it is always about what is the impact of this decision for us in the long-term. We’ve been planting a lot of seeds in terms of starting the loan business.

Another highlight of the Town Hall Meeting was the recognition of top players for the 1st quarter of 2017. These notable performers played big roles in attaining the company goals. Among those recognized by the President are the following:

Group Awards

  • Most Outstanding Branch – Alfonso branch
  • AVP Topnotcher – Puregold Tanza branch
  • Loan Expert – Bangued branch
  • Most Improved IMT (New Branch) – Pres. Quirino, Sultan Kudarat branch
  • Above Revenue Target – Western Unions Business Solutions team


Individual Awards

  • Most Outstanding RH (In WU Transactions) – Albert Paler
  • Most Outstanding RH (In Revenue) – Marites Jumalon
  • Most Outstanding RH (Newbie) – Gabriel Bañares
  • Top BDO (In Revenue from BPs’ Transactions) – Rommel Cruz
  • Top BSA – Luisito Ardaniel

The first Digital Town Hall Meeting was made possible through the collaborative efforts of AEV’s Digital Management Team and PETNET’s Organizing Committee from Marketing, IT, GSL, Purchasing and HR.

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