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Philippine Trust Index cites Aboitiz as “trusted” brand

Franz dela Fuente | September 14, 2017


The Aboitiz Group has been recognized as one of the most trusted brands in the Philippines, amid research suggesting businesses that treat employees well are more trusted.

According to the EON Group’s annual Philippine Trust Index, the Aboitiz brand was deemed by both the general public (Filipinos aged 18 above) and informed public (Filipinos from the general public at least 25 years old, with at least three years of tertiary education, and who tune in to news updates at least twice weekly) as “most trusted,” joining other prominent brands such as SM, San Miguel, Jollibee, and Coca Cola, among others.

Aboitiz was also cited as one of the country’s “most popular” brands by the informed public. “For Filipinos, how businesses treat their employees is the primary determinant of trust and distrust in the institution.

Three of the five most important drivers of trust are tied to employee welfare, like providing good salaries and benefits and cultivating a fair and non-discriminatory workplace, while the other two are hinged on good customer service,” stated The EON Group‘s “The Philippine Paradox: Growing Trust in a Time of Growing Uncertainty” primer.

This goes to show that more than corporate policies or leadership, people are concerned about how businesses treat regular people – employees and customers alike. These trust drivers have consistently been the most important to Filipinos, but this year, more Filipinos believe that the business sector is faring far better today compared to two years ago.

– EON The Stakehoder Relations Firm

The objective to conduct business in a responsible and sustainable manner –and thus, earn the
public’s trust—is a key element of the Aboitiz Group strategic pillars, one of which is to Build
Human Capital.

Aboitiz is evolving from a family-run business to a family-led one. Crucial to its success is to attract top-caliber professionals who will not only help us manage our business, but will also upgrade the Group’s capabilities and skills. This entails the strengthening of the Aboitiz Group Human Resources’ own pillars, which are to Attract, Optimize, and Retain the best and the brightest.