Outlook 2018 - Food


Pilmico Outlook 2018

Seizing Digitization, Fortifying Partnerships


2017 has proven that with a self-driven workforce and strong sense of Teamwork, we can triumph over a challenging business environment.


Our focus value of 2017 — Teamwork — enriched Pilmico Partners in achieving higher targets through increased collaboration regardless of ranks and roles. It has allowed us to boost productivity, provide avenues for friendship, and cultivate a happy workplace.

Our approach this year is to level-up our engagement with our customers through data-driven insights, strategic partnerships, and innovative products that will help sustain our business and the communities we work with.

We will also leverage our strengthened relationship with the government and continuously look for synergies that can help stimulate growth in the backyard sector.



Mahalin Pagkaing Atin is one of the featured initiatives in the report.


We will continue our pipeline of projects to grow and diversify our businesses in the countries we operate in:


Flour graphic

Flour exports in ASEAN

Explore flour production capability in ASEAN

New flour products for local and international distribution



Feeds graphic

Grow animal feeds-related businesses in the Philippines

Export animal feeds in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Pacific

New Expansion Plants



Farms graphic

Commercial operations of meat slaughter & fabrication plant

Increase sow level to 20,000 heads

Operationalize layer farms with monthly output of 4M eggs





Grow in the region through mergers & acquisitions

Operationalize new aqua feed mill in Vietnam

Export aquafeeds in the ASEAN and in Africa


SMA agile workplaceDigital will remain to be at the core of our strategy, with customer relationship management at the forefront of our digital transformation. In 2018, we will be launching an array of digital tools that will support every customer touchpoint, enabling us to provide a better, more efficient customer experience.

But more than technology, digital transformation is also about people.

That is why this year, we will continue to invest in our People strategies, build on our capabilities, improve our efficiencies and focus on creating a culture of self-driven leaders.


Our approach this year is to level-up our engagement with our customers through data-driven insights, strategic partnerships and innovative products that will help sustain our business, and the communities we work with.


In 2018, the value of Responsibility will be our guide as we journey towards becoming an integrated agribusiness and food company. Being in a more agile environment, where everything is more fluid, taking responsibility for our own actions and decisions will become even more important.






By adapting to the digital world, identifying fresh approaches, living out the value of responsibility and harnessing the potential of our people, we can rise above challenges and drive our business and communities forward.

We will remain to operate at the beginning of the food value chain, as we journey towards becoming an integrated agribusiness and food company. Our business units complement and add value to one another. With our goal to grow our business and add value to the lives of our stakeholders, we will continue to provide solutions to our customers and build partnerships for growth.

I learned throughout my career to never underestimate the power of a great attitude — this I believe will make all the difference.


Sabin M. Aboitiz
President & CEO
Pilmico Foods Corporation




Exec Quote - MLT2017 was quite a challenging year for Pilmico ASEAN. In spite of this, our flour exports have grown steadily, with Myanmar and Hongkong accounting for 4% of our local flour production. We have also expanded our feeds business in Vietnam with the acquisition of an animal feeds company and the additional stake in Pilmico VHF.

In the coming year, we will further strengthen our relationship with our partners and work on improving product quality and customer service.


Michael L. Tan
President & COO
Pilmico ASEAN


In 2017, the Feeds Division continued on its drive to be the Total Solutions Provider to our customers and end users. We were able to sustain another year of growth in feed sales by continuing to diversify our feed product lines, and focusing on providing superior technical support to the end users of our feeds in an effort to help them grow their respective businesses.

Recognizing that our distribution network is a key component of our success, we launched initiatives like our Agricenter’s Business Conference in 2017 in an effort to ensure that all our partners in the Pilmico supply chain are working to future-proof their respective businesses.

Our success in 2017 was largely driven by our ability to ensure the advancement of the businesses and communities that are impacted by the Feeds Division.


Tristan R. Aboitiz
Food Group – Domestic



2017 was a much improved year for farms thanks mainly to prices rebounding from low levels the year before. This, combined with an increase in our capacity and control of operating expenses, allowed us improve our margins and offset health issues that affected the industry early in the year. Our meats business continues to grow, albeit at a measured pace as we await the construction of our meats facility. Our layer business has stabilized and is contributing positively.

We are excited to continue advancing our various business lines – our slaughter facility is expected to break ground soon, both our layer and swine farms are significantly expanding their respective capacities, and we are working towards more closely serving consumers.


William W. Paradies
Farms and Flour Divisions




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