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Partner coop runs successful faith-based rehab program

The V On Wings Producers Cooperative, based in San Miguel, Bulacan, was among the beneficiaries of Pilmico’s Mahalin Pagkaing Atin advocacy in 2014. With the swine and egg machine kits they received, the coop grew their backyard farming activities into a sustainable enterprise that continues to benefit their community to this day.

In July 2016, the community of farming families came together to pay it forward and help rebuild the lives of 20 drug dependents who voluntarily surrendered to the government. The Dare To Live rehabilitation program was then created, through which the coop helped provide food and shelter, daily farming activities, wellness and skills training, as well as faith-based counselling from a dedicated pastoral care team.



The socially conscious initiative resulted in spiritual transformation, healing of body, mind, and spirit, and restoration of family relationships among the participants. As a result, Dare To Live caught the attention of Western Union and IBEX Global’s international Chain of Betters campaign, awarding USD$1,000 to the program last Christmas.

Pilmico is proud to be instrumental in building up the capabilities of inspiring partners such as the V On Wings Producers Cooperative who provided a sanctuary for those who almost lost hope to see the light and commit to turning their lives around.


The Dare To Live program’s story was nominated to Western Union’s international Chain of Betters program in Denver, Colorado, which unanimously garnered the National Award in 2016.

– IBEX Global