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How Pilmico is shaping the future of Partners for Growth

How does an organization execute a truly world class digital transformation strategy?

In December 2016, the Aboitiz Group embarked on a digital transformation initiative, focusing on four key building blocks: workplace transformation, customer experience, business operations, and business model innovation.

Crucial to this is the enabling of a digital culture within Aboitiz that fosters agility, and a collaborative environment. Bringing everyone to the same level of understanding and digital literacy is also critical to allow this kind of maturity to occur across the Group.

Today, Pilmico, the Group’s Food Strategic Business Unit, is spearheading this transformation as it leapfrogs into the future of doing business, leveraging the power of digital tools, nurturing an enabling culture, and providing above-par experience for its partners, all strongly linked to our strategic pillar of execution excellence and core value of innovation.

The Pilmico 2.0 roadmap to revolutionizing how we work with our partners, giving the organization the stepping stones it needs to lead the Aboitiz Group in its digital transformation.
The Pilmico 2.0 roadmap to revolutionizing how we work with our partners, giving the organization the stepping stones it needs to lead the Aboitiz Group in its digital transformation.


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Click

With the help of the Digital Management Team and Pilmico’s IT Team, the business unit is set to forge the Aboitiz Group’s path towards becoming a forward-looking enterprise. At the center of Pilmico’s remarkable change is the goal of making it a driver of innovation, with its overall strategy aimed at scaling up the organization’s competitiveness.

Transformation of culture is the first leg of Pilmico’s shift. By making the workplace agile and conducive for collaboration, the organization is able to expand perspectives and achieve synergy.


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“Moving Pilmico to become a digitally-ready organization has to start by changing our mindset and this really has to start from each of us. Without truly believing in it, that transformation will not take place.”

-Sabin Aboitiz, President and CEO, Pilmico

Technology also plays a major part in achieving the end goal. Having a single view of business that grants monitoring capability of performance opens the door to operational efficiency. This dashboard-based management allows a quick and seamless way of working by taking advantage of full system integration.

The third aspect is upgrading Pilmico’s interactions with its partners using an opti-channel approach. By being able to turn spectators to customers and getting in touch with partners wherever they may be, Pilmico can harness the potential of technology through a suite of digital customer solutions.

“This year, we are transforming Pilmico to be a digitally integrated business. We will help improve PIlmico’s business processes, explore digital technologies and solutions, and find better ways to create long-term value for all our stakeholders.”

-Jojo Guingao, First Vice President for Digital Management, Aboitiz Group



A Tech Check of Pilmico’s Story of Change

The true measure of Pilmico’s progress in its transformation lies in what it has achieved so far. Spanning a number of milestone initiatives, the company has shown that it can fulfill what it has promised.

Earlier this year, Pilmico President and CEO Sabin Aboitiz has exemplified what it truly means to adopt a digital mindset. Pilmico’s annual Feeds Sales Conference was opened to all sites nationwide through an online portal in the organization’s intranet.

Although the event was held in Davao City, team members and the President himself were able to attend the conference via live stream.

Pilmico also actively supports the idea of an agile workplace and has taken steps to promote team member collaboration, where open communication, flexibility and adaptability, and a strong sense of teamwork are evident.



Moreover, in making social media a valuable ally towards steering workplace culture and facilitating productivity, the business unit held its social media day. Dubbed “#SocialNaSiPilmico,” the event aimed to educate partners how to use social media in a responsible manner.



The social media day achieved 86% participation from NAC-based team members. Its goal is to ultimately increase the digital maturity of partners, utilizing what we’ve come to know as platforms of communication and wielding those as powerful tools to deepen customer relationships and grow the business.

The online ordering system for the Pilmico Research and Training Bakery (PRTB) is yet another way the company has transformed the way the business interacts with its customers.



By providing online platforms for PRTB products, Pilmico provides quick and easy access for consumers using an innovative, responsive, and sustainable means of commerce for its partners.

Pilmico’s customer feedback system, named Pilmiconnect, is a straightforward, SMS-based method through which customers can get directly in touch with the company using Pilmiconnect numbers. As a company that values customers’ perspectives, Pilmico puts a premium on feedback in order to improve its services and address concerns properly.



To further seal the role of technology in expanding business capabilities, Pilmico has also conducted its first ever Digital Fair (#DigiFair) in their Taguig corporate office.



Originally developed as a training module for Pilmico Partners, the Pilmico HR Team and AEV Digital Project team decided to transform it into a more engaging and interactive learning session for Partners so as to gain a more holistic understanding of Pilmico’s Digital Transformation journey. Apart from its unique way of learning, the #DigiFair opened opportunities for partnerships between teams and suppliers, and at the same time allowed partners to come up with new ideas for more efficient ways to do business through technology and digital tools.

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Empower, Digitize, Mobilize

Pilmico has thus far proven itself capable of taking on the digital transformation challenge. It has moved to, and continues to traverse, the digital world: engaging and empowering the people behind every facet of business operation and using the technology highway to make opportunities possible, effectively bringing its Partners for Growth in its digital journey.

The Aboitiz ‘digital revolution’ is counting on every A-person to join and support this one-of a-kind and exciting transformation. The possibilities are endless for creating long-term value for all stakeholders. Once this digital dream is realized, we expect an agile and competitive business that is truly advancing business and communities.