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Pilmico’s first Social Media Day

Djong Tan | May 30, 2017


Following the recent cascade of the revised social media policy and guidelines, Pilmico held its first social media day entitled “#SocialNaSiPilmico” to educate partners at the NAC Tower on responsible social media usage.

The event, led by Pilmico’s Human Resources Team and AEV’s Digital Management Team, achieved an 86% participation from partners. Fun and engaging activities were spread across four rooms dedicated to key social media platforms: Facebook Room (Dos and Don’ts of Social Media), LinkedIn Room (How to Carry Yourself Professionally on Social Media), Twitter Room (Values on Social Media), and Instagram Room (Update your Profile Pictures on Social). Partners who joined activities in each room stood to win prizes such as an Android tablet.


Social Media will be a core competency of Pilmico as part of its transformation to a digital business. We need every employee to improve digital maturity level to maximize social media not only as a platform to communicate but to engage, influence, and sell.
–Jojo Guingao, FVP for Digital Management, Aboitiz Equity Ventures



The Social Media day is a fun way to educate our partners about the policy. It was very interactive which brought about an experiential learning for those who participated. All rooms offered different fun activities… love them all! Super thanks to the HR team across pillars for leading us through this activity. It was a very creative way of communicating the policy across the FG. Great teamwork and collaboration! Kudos!
–Anji Azuelo, VP for Human Resources, Pilmico


The social media day caravan will make stops at Pilmico sites across the country, as well as other business units in the Aboitiz Group.

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