‘Puzzle Challenge’ immersion program builds RAFI culture

To mark its 50th anniversary this year, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI) launched the ‘Puzzle Challenge’, a program that runs from January to November where team members immerse themselves in tasks and responsibilities under the different units and programs of the foundation.

By joining various RAFI events such as  new classroom turnover, nursery visit, candidates’ forum, and other specified events, team members earn parts of a 41-piece puzzle. Those who complete all the pieces will receive a special prize on RAFI’s anniversary celebration on November 16.

“This is actually engaging the team members in a more meaningful, experiential, and impactful way in building the culture of RAFI,” said RAFI Senior Human Resource Officer Leilah King.

In particular, the activity has become a platform for new hires to know more about RAFI while, for the more seasoned team members , it is a way to continue support for the organization in its endeavors. They appreciate the opportunity to experience what their fellow RAFI team members do.

VP for Corporate Services Carol Ballesteros said the ‘Puzzle Challenge’ entails collaboration as RAFI, being a huge organization, has several units with different services. Having people cross over to other programs and being exposed to different activities is a silo breaker.

She also said that in becoming more familiar with the activities of the other programs, all RAFI team members would become more competent to speak about the organization.

-‘Puzzle Challenge’ immersion program builds RAFI culture
PIECES OF LEGACY BUILDING. The RAFI puzzle set which team members could complete by joining activities of the different program units of the foundation. Those who complete the 41-piece set earns a special prize on the 50th anniversary in November.