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The R2R Record: Resource efficiency record from Jan – May 2018

Continuous monitoring of the Aboitiz Group’s resource consumption is underway as the year’s second half starts, highlighting the business units’ periodic demand for energy, water, and paper.

*2017 data for APDU and UnionBank is an estimate derived by dividing full-year data by the number of months

*Power data for 2018 excludes SacaSun, APRI MakBan, and some of Hedcor’s and APDU’s facilities.

*Power and Water consumption for the Corporate Center excludes data from the Banilad, Cebu, office. Banking’s 2018 power and water consumption has been updated to include UnionBank Plaza.

*Paper consumption for Power only includes selected facilities. No disclosure of May 2018 paper consumption for Banking is available at this time, while Jan-April 2018 paper consumption figures include only submissions from CitySavings. AboitizLand began reporting its office paper consumption in 2018.



The spike in the Power business unit’s water figure is due to Therma South’s increased consumption for the month of May. The Aboitiz Group’s Food business unit has maintained its low paper consumption due to the implementation of its paperless drive, which was started in 2017. Food’s water consumption increase, on the other hand, can be attributed to the capacity increase that happened later in 2017, as well as the increase in the business unit’s water reporting scope.

As improvements in data consolidation and recording take place throughout our operations, keeping track of the Group’s power, water, and paper usage translate to our overall thrust for conscious consumption and resource efficiency.