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AboitizLand helps raise funds for children in partner communities

Bryle Ian Mendaros | August 14, 2017

Driven by the Aboitiz core values of responsibility and teamwork, AboitizLanders initiate monthly fundraising activities for the Christmas Outreach in December.

Through the Christmas Fundraising Project, team members are engaged in implementing and supporting various activities aimed to gather funds for the benefit of 700 indigent children living in AboitizLand’s partner communities in Batangas, Cebu and Davao.

The monthly fundraising activities are done simultaneously in AboitizLand’s offices in Taguig and Cebu, as well as in Lima Land in Batangas. HR and CSR work together to put up various events for the said cause.

AboitizLand clubs have also been very active in contributing for the fundraising project. Every Wednesday in Cebu, club members sell snacks at the canteen while pastries and taho are brought up to the 8th Floor Cafeteria in NAC every Friday, catering to all Aboitiz team members in the two offices.


TAHO AND KAKANIN. AboitizLanders sell delicacies in Aboitiz Luzon office in NAC Tower, Taguig.
TAHO AND KAKANIN. AboitizLanders sell delicacies in Aboitiz Luzon office in NAC Tower, Taguig.

Making the fundraising initiative fun, Videoke Night and Bingo Social are also held for team members to win, unwind and bond over good food and music.

“The Christmas fundraising project became one of our avenues to pool talents and efforts of people who share the passion of touching lives and making a difference.”

– Trina Beltran, AboitizLand Finance Assistant Manager


The Christmas Fundraising Project also promote best practice in office waste management as teams are asked to segregate and stow scrap office papers, e-waste and plastic bottles through the Trash-to-Cash program. A total of 59 kilograms of plastic bottles was collected since the program was launched.

To date, AboitizLand has raised 22% of the total target counterpart of PPP237,000.