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Republic Cement celebrates everyday heroes

Marcial Tan Angkok, 73, is a father with cerebral palsy. He braved the everyday commutes just to ensure his two daughters get to school safely. Simple tasks like taking public transportation can be difficult due to his speech and movement impairment. He was undeterred and even established an organization for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in his community-organizing livelihood seminars and actively soliciting assistance from government offices and various organizations.

Mateo Doctor, 63, learned to support himself at an early age, juggling work and school. His life began to turn around when he enlisted as Airman in the Philippine Air Force and underwent training with the Philippine Marines and eventually got assigned to the Presidential Security Command. He completed his Public Administration degree while he was on active duty. He served in different units around the country and abroad including a peace-keeping stint with the United Nations before retiring as a colonel.

Jeffrey Delos Santos, 28, lost his eyesight when he was just 9 years old. He continued to go to school despite his disability, eventually completing an Access Technology English Communication and Music Transcription from STI. He currently works as a massage therapist for Vibes Massage, a social enterprise that employs the blind. Delos Santos was also able to send his sister through college and regularly helped in the treatment of his father.

These everyday heroes personify the tibay legacy of RCBM. “Angkok’s, Doctor’s and Delos Santos’ perseverance will leave a lasting legacy among their families and communities, like the durable structures built with REPUBLIC Cement that last generations.” Victor Janolino, RCBM Vice President for Marketing said.