Republic Cement hosts CRH APAC Health and Safety Best Practices Meeting

Republic Cement’s commitment to its core value of health and safety goes beyond its own offices and operating sites. With eyes set on operational excellence, Republic welcomes every opportunity to share its best practices and learn from others in order to raise the standards across the cement industry and beyond.

Believing that best practice sharing is a great way to improve the company’s own health and safety performance, Republic Cement’s Health and Safety Team recently hosted in Makati the CRH Asia Pacific Safety Best Practice Meeting from November 8 to 9. The meeting was attended by 34 health and safety leaders of Republic Cement and CRH Group based in Dublin, Ireland as well as safety professionals from the other CRH business units and offices in the Philippines, China, India, Malaysia and Singapore. Among those who made time for the meeting were Republic Cement CEO Don Lee, CRH APAC President Marc St Nicolaas, CRH Director for Southeast Asia Peter Buckley and CRH Health, Safety & Environment Group Director Michael Keating.

On Day 1, the participants shared the safety successes and challenges that they experience at their respective sites and businesses. Among the topics discussed were electrical safety, transport safety, occupational health, and safety leadership. This was followed by a group dinner to allow the participants more networking opportunities. On the second day, the delegation was warmly welcomed by the Republic Batangas Team who arranged for a plant tour where they got to witness Republic’s safety practices in action.

Following the event, more collaboration is expected from the network as the health and safety leaders from the Asia Pacific businesses prepare for the year-end engagement activities.