Republic Cement mobile lab enables complex onsite solution testing

Republic Cement PR | May 28, 2019

Republic Cement has unveiled another first, a mobile laboratory dedicated to providing technical support through onsite solution testing for the construction and building industry.

Fast Laboratory On Wheels (FLOW) is a mini-truck with a pull-canopy converted into a laboratory and furnished with equipment and apparat­us that can handle complex onsite solution testing activities such as concrete, aggregate, and cement testing that are often a need in the Philippine construction industry.

The growing demand for quality construction solutions is a primary motivation for Republic Cement’s move to establish its first mobile laboratory. We are keen on providing fast and superior technical support for the country’s construction and building in­dustry players. We are here to help deliver and support our partners’ quality and competency objectives, as we embrace the highest standards in building stronger structures.

– Nabil Francis, President and CEO, Republic Cement


Francis cited the mobile laboratory’s capacity to help industry players gain the technical advantage, help them reduce production costs, increase profit, and consistently produce high-quality products — another example of how the Aboitiz Group fulfills its brand promise of advancing business and communities.

“This is really about Republic Cement doing its part to ensure that the infrastructure boom in the country is met with high-quality construction materials. We look forward to working with our partners to help build a stronger Republic,” he explained.

FLOW is the first mobile construction solutions laboratory in the country that can be transformed into a demo area where technical training may be conducted. It can be mobilized quickly to a specific site providing them analysis within hours.

Starting June, FLOW will be deployed in the greater Metro Manila area and fast-growing regions in Luzon such as CALABARZON and Central Luzon, to serve the testing needs of ready-mix producers, contractors, and dry mortar manufacturers.