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Republic Cement’s 4 ways to stand up for sustainability

Republic’s commitment to Sustainability is enshrined in one of its values, Respect for the environment and for communities. It is embodied in its policies, ensuring that these are truly felt and demonstrated in the daily lives of all its team members, forming its collective ethos as a Group. Sustainability Initiatives are reported in its CSR & Sustainability Plan 2020, which was developed and enriched by select representatives from all employee ranks and are encapsulated in its “iSTAND4”.

The four pillars of iSTAND4 express Republic’s commitment to the environment and to socio-economic development, ensuring that such are embedded in all its initiatives for its People and Communities, that Climate Change Mitigation actions are in place in all its manufacturing sites, that everyone in the organization practices Environmental Responsibility and that its Blue Innovation initiatives actually redound to the common good.