Banking and Financial Services

The rise of CitySavings Computerized Accounting System

There’s nothing as exciting as the opportunity to be creative, challenge the status quo and create a positive change, one time, big bang!

This seed of opportunity was first planted in 2013 when the Accounting Team dreamt of fully automating all its processes and tax reports, which were all previously done manually, and to start centralizing a few processes to achieve operational efficiency. This dream was initially called Asset Management covering procurement to payment of assets and linked to employee asset accountability.

But this dream had to wait when Finacle Loans was implemented in early 2014 and the team had to give way to the more important loans system.

Fast forward to early 2015, the business environment had changed and the need for centralization became more urgent. With the available resource from IT, Andres Rosaroso, Application Development Head, the Accounting Team was turbo-charged in making their dream into a reality.

With the Bank on its full throttle in building its national business and becoming one of the fastest growing thrift banks, the team believes that to support this strategic initiative, the Bank has to be systems-ready, operationally-excellent and therefore cannot go back to the old way of manual processing. Though it was not an easy phase for everyone involved in this immense project, from sleepless nights to the more than a hundred mind boggling test scenarios, to the never ending meetings, the team trusts that this tool is essential to the Bank’s success.