Salto goes digital for World Gamefowl Expo

Vic Altiche | February 7, 2019

Salto Gamefowl feeds, the high performing gamefowl feeds brand of Pilmico, took over the 9th World Gamefowl Expo, putting its digital innovations at the forefront of their interactive booth.

The World Gamefowl Expo is an annual event where gamefowl breeders, experts, enthusiasts, and suppliers gather to exhibit, network, and learn more about the fast-growing industry. This year, the expo was held at the World Trade Center last January 18 to 20, 2019.




Salto’s robotics-themed interactive booth was a crowd favorite as it created a dynamic space with activities that feature the brand and its digital efforts. Enthusiasts who participated in the booth were given the basics of how they can use Salto’s Dok Tilaok, Gamefarm Manager web app, a virtual reality experience of Camp Salto, and website to help them level up their own farms. Other than this, the crowd was also able to witness a live sparring session, participate in a pullet catching activity, and join a raffle where some of the lucky attendees were able to win Salto branded items and other major prizes.




Patrons showed their enthusiasm, especially during the panel session with the Alas ng Salto. The Alas ng Salto gave their expert advice and tips on proper breeding, farm management, and conditioning for the different bloodlines.

Salto participates in this event yearly to showcase their quality products, service, technical knowledge, and new innovations to loyal patrons and gamefowl enthusiasts. Aside from offering quality feeds and mixes, Salto considers loyal patrons as Partners in Production; providing them with value-added service and assistance whenever needed.

Through their digital innovations such as the Dok Tilaok chatbot, the Gamefarm Manager web app, and on-call gamefowl specialists, Salto makes sure that their patrons and their businesses are guided every step of the way.