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Salto joins the 8th World Gamefowl Expo

Anna Carreon | Feb. 12, 2018


Salto was one of the crowd drawers during the the eighth run of the World Gamefowl Expo from 19-21 January 2018.

Held at the World Trade Center, the 8th annual World Gamefowl Expo is the largest exhibition of gamefowl breeders, suppliers and enthusiasts in the country.

Salto’s modern and interactive booth drew large crowds, with most of the breeders and cockfighters lining up to meet Salto’s national endorsers or “Alas ng Salto” and to check out the new features of the Salto website.

During the 3-day exposition, Salto’s Natonal Endorsers namely: Leonidez Enriquez, Rhett Angara, Ronald Barandino, Marlo Lasutaz, Patrick Puno, Allan Chan, Joe Alimbuyuguen, Francis Bagang, Noel Jarin, Boy Gamilla, Johnny Jalandoni, Calvin Randal, Johnny Laureno, Michael Decena gave tips on proper breeding, farm management and conditioning of various bloodlines.

Salto is the high-performing gamefowl feeds brand of Pilmico.

Pilmico, beyond providing our customers with quality feeds products, also equips our customers with practical tips on proper breeding, conditioning and healthcare, which helps them grow their business.  
















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