Saltohan sa Daan

Vic Altiche | October 17, 2018

Since 2015, Salto has been organizing ‘Saltohan sa Daan’ events all over the country. The annual event is attended by hundreds of gamefowl aficionados, national and regional Salto breeders, and endorsers ofPilmico’s premier gamefowl feeds brand.

‘Saltohan’ usually takes place on the streets, as traditional gamefowl sparring goes. In addition to showcasing their game roosters’ skills in a stag show, enthusiasts also get to engage with Salto Partners and other aficionados to learn more tips on gamefowl breeding and training.






This year, a total of nine ‘Saltohan sa Daan’ events has been activated, welcoming over 500 gamefowl aficionados to festivities in Pampanga, Isabela, La Union, Ilocos, Nueva Ecija, Manila, Iloilo, Laguna, and, most recently, Tarlac.

Pilmico, beyond providing our customers with quality feeds products, also equips our customers with practical tips on proper breeding, conditioning, and health care, which help them grow their business.