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Salute to SGP: An Aboitiz Tribute

“I’m one of the lucky ones who had a chance to work under Sir SGP, the coolest, kindest, most considerate boss in Aboitiz. As an executive team leader, he is typical of the other working family members—intelligent, professional, knowledgeable and decisive, and leads by example. What distinguishes him though from the rest is his ability to keep his cool in handling stressful situations. In my 26 years of working with him, I have not heard him raise his voice nor seen him lose his temper. He always gives the other person a chance to explain when a mistake is made or when an unsatisfactory report is submitted. With his mentoring style, his subordinate is able to think creatively and well even under pressure, give an honest opinion, and always strive to repay his kindness with quality work.

Sir, it’s such a blessing to have you as my boss. I can’t thank you enough for all the chances you’ve given me and the unselfish sharing of your knowledge. Now that you’ve retired, I hope you will find lots of time pursuing your other passions and enjoying the company of your family and grandchildren.”
–Melinda R. Bathan, AEV FVP-Controller

“The retirement of SGP feels bittersweet to me. I am happy that he will now have more time to spend with his family and do things that he has been looking forward to for some time.  But this also means we will all have to step up to fill the large shoes he leaves behind.

I have learned a lot from working with SGP and have always enjoyed being a part of his Aboitiz Group team.  His calm demeanor, understated leadership approach, and willingness to share his knowledge and experience are all going to be missed. The lasting relationships he has built and the fiercely loyal team he has developed are testaments to the contributions he has made to AEV and what a great leader we have been blessed with.

The good news is SGP will still be with the Group as a consultant so we will have the continuing benefit of his wisdom! I wish SGP all the best as he moves on to a new phase of his life. He truly deserves all the blessings.”
–Dmi Lozano, AP SVP-CFO

“Dear Steve–thank you for the opportunity to have worked for you for these past many years. You have always been an example of an executive always cool under fire: able to keep a good and steady team together, ready to listen to different ideas, and never failing to give your one-downers enough opportunities to directly contribute to the company. These types of bosses are hard to come by. Thank you and congratulations on your retirement!”
–Gabriel T. Mañalac, AEV SVP-Group Treasurer

SGP is very approachable and very easy to deal with. He made complex and difficult tasks easier to get done. He always listens to what you have to say and challenges your ideas, but gives inputs and guidance. IMC (Insurance Management Committee) will never be the same without him. My team and I will always be thankful to SGP for always supporting all our insurance initiatives.”
–Annacel A. Natividad, AEV VP-Financial Risk Management

“It’s been really great working with SGP. He has integrity and is precise when it comes to the review of our management reports, providing us with financial discipline in our legal team. He is a cool guy, deadpan funny, but most of all; he is a very compassionate person. We hope to be able to continue working with him even though he has ‘retired.’”
–M. Jasmine S. Oporto, AEV SVP-Chief Legal Officer

“On SGP—for me, SGP was a great mentor and was extremely supportive of our endeavors. Easy to talk to, he truly cares for his people and respects us for who we are, both on a professional and personal level.”
–Dave Michael V. Valeriano, AEV AVP-Investor Relations