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First and foremost, I wish to thank all of our employees and their families for their hard work and support in 2016.

Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (THI) was recognized in the 51st ANVIL Awards and received its first Silver ANVIL Award for its outstanding public relations programs on a sustained basis community development category in February 2016. The prestigious Anvil Awards recognized THI for the “inspiring story of how a remote coastal town boomed to become a ship-building site, contributing to the social, economic and cultural welfare of its people.”

THI has been a strong advocate of corporate social responsibility and sees it as a prerequisite in building a successful enterprise. Since 1998, the company has been true to its endeavors towards a deeper commitment to environmental protection and to clearly point out the need for action against global warming and climate change through its annual tree planting activity. To date, THI and Tsuneishi Foundation (Cebu), Inc. (TFCI) have planted around 40,000 indigenous trees with 100% survival rate. In addition, a total of 55,000 propagules were planted during our mangrove planting activities.

We are actively involved in the local community through projects such as school building repairs in public elementary schools and our Kid’s Day, an annual activity wherein we visit public schools, distribute school supplies and souvenirs, play, and share lunch with school children.

With the help of our 13,000-strong workforce, we were able to deliver 20 cargo vessels of different types: six eco-ship dubbed as AERO58 (58,000 deadweight metric ton type bulk carrier), eight KAMSARMAX (82,000 deadweight metric ton type bulk carrier), five N58 (58,000 deadweight metric ton type bulk carrier), and one ship order of 35,000 deadweight metric ton type bulk carrier.



We also started our leadership training in March through RAFI’s Kool Adventure Camp. Apart from lectures, the training also focuses on how we can contribute to THI’s goals as a team and we will continue this in 2017.

The inter-company transfer program will continue this year to promote technical exchanges. Our employees will be dispatched to Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Japan and our China factory for an extended period, e.g. maximum of 2 years for supervisory posts and above.

This year, THI is expected to deliver 15 vessels in total: two 58BCs, four 64BCs, and eight 82BCs, adding up the first construction of one tugboat as the 15th order.

We will carry out measures to improve profitability, cost competitiveness while maintaining product quality, and be open to challenges for other types of vessels such as container ships and tankers.

As we celebrate another year with our employees, customers, and business partners, we will continue to hit more milestones as we work towards further developing Asia’s leading shipyard.



Akihiko Mishima




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